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enhancing your life,

one shower at a time.


Mr. Gixby’s is committed to sourcing locally, and environmentally friendly everything to create a lasting shower experience that you can feel good about in all the ways.

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At Mr. Gixby’s LLC we’re dedicated to creating the best quality, artisan soap products for our customers, the local community, and the environment because we want everyone to feel good about their shower experience in all the ways.


seasonal + specialty orders

As an artisan soapmaker, Mr. Gixby's LOVES the opportunity to make customized soaps and soap gifts for everyone on your list!

Commemorate your special day with custom artisan soap party favors. Or show that special someone in your life how special they are with a one-of-a-kind, fancy soap bar.



Wholesale options are available to vendors and retailers, with preference given to those operating in Illinois and the greater Midwest.

Our products are made with only the highest quality ingredients, obtained exclusively from reputable sources, and whenever possible, purchased locally first. Because we care about our community!

At Mr. Gixby’s we’re all about being one of those small changes in your daily routine that come together to make a BIG impact in our local community, economy, and environment. 

soap making process

Our standard soap base in order of most to least quantity: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil in equal amounts, Sunflower Oil(Illinois product), Flaxseed Oil(Illinois Product), Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Fragrance (varies), Micas or Oxides for coloring.


Mr. Gixby's is especially careful in our formula to be sure that there is always more oil than needed to saponify the Lye. This is known as "superfatting" and leaves your skin with nourishing oils.

Superfat and superfatting is when a soap has more oils or butters in them than is processed by the Lye.  This is a great thing for your skin.  It can be very nourishing and soothing.



take their word for it...

“This soap is DOPE!”

sarah beth, Springfield, il

“My everything smells good!”

lauren, Springfield, il

mr. gixby's values

mr. gixby's mission

Mr. Gixby’s develops high quality, artisan soap products to create an invigorating and lasting shower experience that you can feel good about in all the ways because Mr. Gixby’s is committed to sourcing locally, environmentally friendly everything.

To become the recognized, leading local provider of artisan soap products. To establish Mr. Gixby’s as a premier and environmentally sustainable Midwest soap brand.

mr. gixby's vision

Through our core values of creating a high-quality, locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly soap product, we serve to enhance your life one shower at a time.