A story of freshness

straight from the heartland.
Flower Field


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I'm super appreciative that you're interested in me and my soap-products.

My name is Maimi. I live in Springfield, IL with my husband and enabler, Brian. We love living in Illinois and draw great inspiration from the beauty that surrounds our simple Midwest-life. 


I've always had a desire to create and make.


Mr. Gixby's Soap for Humans evolved from that desire. I've dabbled in the creation and sale of darling little crochet animals and pivoted to handcrafted soaps, out of my general interest in science, and in making art that is practical and serves a purpose.


My husband, Brian, and I have spent the past five years raising my [much younger] sister, Olivia. After watching me play with soap from a hobbyist perspective, Brian encouraged me to pursue selling my soaps and to participate in the CO.STARTERS Program at Innovate Springfield. Brian and Olivia are my biggest supporters and fans.

A few more quick facts about me!

Favorite Food - Springfield Horseshoe

Favorite Season - Winter

Favorite Holiday -Halloween

Favorite Movie - Stranger Than Fiction

Favorite Leisure Activity - Crafting

Favorite Restaurant - Westwoods Lodge

Favorite Animal - Cat


Being a locally owned and operated business means a lot to me. Small businesses are an essential part of our community and truly demonstrate the vibrancy and diversity of Springfield. I thought I would shout-out a few of my favorite local-loves and spread good vibes around like it's going out of style.

Wimsy Tea Company -Best tea you'll ever have

Serious Lip Balm - 

Interurban Merchant

Food Fantasies

Reverie Apparel

Smart Owl Coffee

Nothing Fancy Supply


Mother Earth is my number one mother. Also animals. 

I have redesigned my soap packaging and labels to eliminate nearly all plastics. It's my goal to make a great product that doesn't attribute to the ever-growing landfills, a product with a conscience.

Also, I LOVE animals. When I started Mr Gixby's I had four cats. Unfortunately, due to age I now only have the two. But I will love on any and all pets or animals that will allow me to.