Frequently asked questions

What is in the soap?

The Base Ingredients Used in every bar are: Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Palm Oil (Ethically and Sustainably sourced)
Sunflower Oil (Illinois Product)
Flaxseed Oil (Illinois Product)
Shea Butter
Avacodo Oil
Kaolin Clay Fragrance Mica Powder Colorant

How big is each bar? How long will it last?

Each Bar is about 3 x 2 x 1in, this comes to about 4 oz each. They typically last one person about 5 weeks with normal use.

How long does it take to make soap?

Soap takes a minimum of 4 weeks to make. Day 1 - Pouring and designing Day 2 - Cutting and Stamping Day 3 - Cleaning up the edges Days 4-31 - Curing Day 32 - Labeling and ready to be sold

What is curing? And why does it take so long?

After blending the oils and lye-water together it goes through a chemical process called saponification. Saponification takes time. 4 weeks is recommended to process all of the lye with the oils to make soaps. Lye is a caustic substance that can be dangerous if not properly cured. This time is also used to allow moisture to escape, leaving a harder, longer-lasting bar.

What does Kaolin Clay do?

Kaolin Clay is an addititive used to create 'slip' in the soap. This allows it to move easier along your skin. Kaolin Clay is often used in shaving soaps in order to help the razor glide across the skin.

Can I order personalized soap? How about party favors or gifts?

Absolutely! We are introducing our Build Your Own soaps. Here there are different levels of customization. Currently, we have 3 levels to choose from. We will add more options as they become available. It you have an order larger than 30 bars, just email us and we will be happy to look at options!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! We currently have wholesale options available from our existing products including The Standard Line and Seasonal Soaps. Please Email Us to discuss this further and to see our pricing.